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Simone Lemming Andersen har skrevet ’The networking book’ for dig, der enten ér eller ønsker at blive en professionel, effektiv og værdifuld netværker. 

Så, er du en aktiv og engageret netværker, som ønsker at forøge udbyttet af dine professionelle netværksaktiviteter, s...


Individuals and businesses lose out because of precious behavior

A LOT of people have achieved a favourable position by having attractive and important contacts in their little black books. The most logical scenario is to keep those cards close to your chest. But this is...


For many people, networking – and especially face-to-face networking – is a challenging task. It´s seen as extremely unpleasant to be forced out of your comfort zone and to have to approach people you do not know.

On the other hand, most people know instinctively that ex...


This article is based on the bestseller: "The Networking Book", by Simone Andersen.

One aspect of becoming an excellent networker is to create a good atmosphere everywhere you go. Your competence isn’t enough to build up a broad and steady network, it can mean a start, b...


Many people feel really nervous when they enter unfamiliar territory, probably one of the challenges we fear most in our lives. But with a few preparations, we can tackle our nervousness. 

Before a business event:

  • Spend a few minutes imagining what kind of people you...


The way we communicate often decides how big a slice of the cake we get. Does this seem a bit exaggerated? That may well be the case, but it does not make it less true. Moreover, the more you become an empathetic and intelligent networker – the more people will allow yo...


Yes, why, indeed, now that I have achieved a favorable position by having attractive and important contacts in my networking portfolio. The most logical scenario would be to keep those cards close to your chest.

Some time ago, I had a meeting with an employee in a big or...


Action brings about change

What can you do if you want to optimise your networking practice? A good starting point is the mantra “Action brings about change”. But you have to change a few aspects of yourself if you want to change people around you.

Unfortunately, old habi...


Most of us let chance decide what our networks should be like. It means that we establish the contacts we run across by chance. In short, we lose control of our goals and effort.

When we are not focused, we tend to establish lots of accidental contacts that are not very...


Netværk kan bruges på en langt mere inspirerende, effektiv og succesfuld måde. Foredragsholderne i ForedragsTjenesten.dk er nemlig hinandens markedsføringskanal og kan i fællesskab - via hver enkelts netværk - nå ud til mangfoldige målgrupper. I ForedragsTjenesten er ma...

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March 19, 2017

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