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Give other people value and win power and influence!

The way we communicate often decides how big a slice of the cake we get. Does this seem a bit exaggerated? That may well be the case, but it does not make it less true. Moreover, the more you become an empathetic and intelligent networker – the more people will allow you to obtain power and influence!

The right to power, influence and opportunities is not a right you possess or take: It is a right other people will have to grant you. Your success depends on whether you have an attitude that your surroundings find useful to honour. If you do, they are going to support and open networking doors to you.

But exactly what kind of attitudes can pave the way for you to become an attractive person?

1) Make room for your conversational partner

When trying to contact another person, many people make the mistake of talking a lot about themselves or their business. Funnily enough, most people are aware that it feels wrong – but end up doing it anyway!

Of course, it is fine to introduce yourself, but after that, it is of paramount importance to take a sincere interest in your conversational partner. Be a good listener and ask about your partner’s context and challenges. It pays off because very few people are used to being met with interest and curiosity.

2) Value comes from ”social indebtedness”

Good networking is about ”social indebtedness”. You have to treat somebody to something and create a favourable situation for the person you want to be your business relation. When you give somebody something, this person will in most cases feel flattered and obligated to repay your service.

You can hand out many different things:

  • Your knowledge, which the recipient may use to further develop his skills, earn more money or gain higher status.

  • Good contacts – which can be used to make new acquaintances and cooperative relationships or to establish a more favourable position on the job market.

  • Your friendship and company

But remember: Action brings about change! If you do not do anything, nothing is going to happen and everything will remain as it is!

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