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Cognitive Networking - that makes dreams come true

Action brings about change

What can you do if you want to optimise your networking practice? A good starting point is the mantra “Action brings about change”. But you have to change a few aspects of yourself if you want to change people around you.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard, but why not start by taking a sober look at yourself? Are you - through your attitude and way of communicating - an attractive candidate for a professional business relationship?

If your answer is an unequivocal ”yes”, you are most likely a very competent networker who is already profiting from his network. If your answer is “I’m not quite sure”, you will probably find the text below useful.

Your network

It is a good idea to map your network. It is also important to identify the resources to which you have access and where you can find them. Generally, you can work with three different types of network:

1. Your professional network

Here, you find people with whom you share professional interests. These are often like-minded people with similar educations, job functions and workplaces.

It is an important network because it offers you the security you need to feel at ease at work.

2. Your business network

This network includes relationships outside of your professional network. These contacts are very relevant people too, but may have different approaches to business matters. They represent multiple competences and resources. The contacts in your business network are very important in your career, partly because these relationships tend to be the ones that direct you towards your goals, and partly because development and progress are often generated through co-operation with people who possess different competences and perspectives to you.

3. Your personal network

Here, you find your family and friends. If you are focusing on your professional development, you should not spend too much energy on this network because efficient professional help is seldom found in a personal network.

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